Benjamin D. Killeen

PhD Student

A Ph.D. Student at Johns Hopkins University, I am interested in intelligent surgical systems based on explorative computer vision and deep reinforcement learning that directly improve patient outcomes. I am a member of the Advanced Robotics and Computationally Augmented Environments (ARCADE) research group, led by Mathias Unberath and the Computational Interaction and Robotics Laboratory (CIRL), led by Gregory D. Hager.

I have (first/co)authored peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers. For a complete list of my publications, please see my CV or Google Scholar.

In 2019, I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Chicago, receiving a B.A. in Computer Science with Honors and a minor in Physics, advised by Gordon Kindlmann. I have also been fortunate enough to intern with IBM Research under Geoffrey Burr, Epic Systems in Cognitive Computing, and Intuitive Surgical under Omid Mohareri.

In my spare time, I pursue creative writing. For some recent examples, please see my blog.