In the Advanced Robotics and Computationally AugmenteD Environments (ARCADE) Lab, we develop collaborative intelligent systems that support clinical workflows to increase the access to - and expand the possibilities of - highest-quality healthcare. In designing these systems, we pioneer human-centered solutions that are enabled by synergistic advancements across imaging, computer vision, machine learning, and interaction design and that are embodied in emerging technology such as mixed reality and robotics.


An Interpretable Algorithm for Uveal Melanoma Subtyping from Whole Slide Cytology Images

Haomin Chen, TY Alvin Liu, Catalina Gomez, Zelia Correa, Mathias Unberath

  ·  13 Aug 2021

Interpretable learning Human interaction Super-human task
Neighborhood Normalization for Robust Geometric Feature Learning

Xingtong Liu, Benjamin D. Killeen, Ayushi Sinha, Masaru Ishii, Gregory D. Hager, Russell H. Taylor, Mathias Unberath

  ·  20 Jun 2021


An Interactive Approach to Region of Interest Selection in Cytologic Analysis of Uveal Melanoma Based on Unsupervised Clustering

Haomin Chen, TY Alvin Liu, Zelia Correa, Mathias Unberath

  ·  08 Oct 2020

Human interaction Unsupervised clustering
Generalizing Spatial Transformers to Projective Geometry with Applications to 2D/3D Registration

Cong Gao, Xingtong Liu, Wenhao Gu, Benjamin Killeen, Mehran Armand, Russell Taylor, Mathias Unberath

arXiv  ·  29 Sep 2020

A County-level Dataset for Informing the United States' Response to COVID-19

Benjamin D. Killeen, Jie Ying Wu, Kinjal Shah, Anna Zapaishchykova, Philipp Nikutta, Aniruddha Tamhane, Shreya Chakraborty, Jinchi Wei, Tiger Gao, Mareike Thies, Mathias Unberath

arXiv  ·  11 Sep 2020

Changes in Reproductive Rate of SARS-CoV-2 Due to Non-pharmaceutical Interventions in 1,417 U.S. Counties

Jie Ying Wu, Benjamin D. Killeen, Philipp Nikutta, Mareike Thies, Anna Zapaishchykova, Shreya Chakraborty, Mathias Unberath

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  ·  31 May 2020

Extremely Dense Point Correspondences using a Learned Feature Descriptor

Xingtong Liu, Yiping Zheng, Benjamin Killeen, Masaru Ishii, Gregory D. Hager, Russell H. Taylor, Mathias Unberath

arXiv  ·  02 Mar 2020


X-ray-transform Invariant Anatomical Landmark Detection for Pelvic Trauma Surgery

Bastian Bier, Mathias Unberath, Jan-Nico Zaech, Javad Fotouhi, Mehran Armand, Greg Osgood, Nassir Navab, Andreas Maier

arXiv  ·  22 Mar 2018

Landmark detection orthopedics
DeepDRR -- A Catalyst for Machine Learning in Fluoroscopy-guided Procedures

Mathias Unberath, Jan-Nico Zaech, Sing Chun Lee, Bastian Bier, Javad Fotouhi, Mehran Armand, Nassir Navab

arXiv  ·  22 Mar 2018